Satin Cake | Owner

About Me

Hello, I'm Satin the Owner here at AVN, I oversee everything that goes on in the server, I also am the CEO of AVS.

Thex | Co-Owner

About me

Hi, I'm Thex, the Co-Owner and head builder for AVN. I work with our owner SatinCake on things for the server, as well as oversee the creative process on the server itself! Feel free to dm me on our discord with any questions you have about the server.


Ghostly | Admin

About Me

Hi, I'm GhostlyRat_! I am the Main Network Developer for the Allure Void Network! I help oversee the development of new minigames and updates to existing ones. If you find any Glitches / Bugs I'll (hopefully) be there to help fix them. If I'm online feel free to ask anything AVN-related and I'll try my best to help out (this applies to Minecraft server, not Discord -- DM's Off). 

MFG1 | Admin

About me

Hi, I am MG1 or Sou4d1, an Administrator here on Allure Void Network, and I mostly manage the discord server and make sure everything is alright. I make sure that all the Moderators, Sr. Mods, and or Trial Mods are doing their jobs. I am there to support the staff team when I need to be. I am capable of working under pressure and being there when I need to step in. I work with the Owner SatinCake, the Co-Owner Thex, and everyone else on the staff team. If you need to reach me, my discord username is MG1#7565.


Aesthetic | Design Manager

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