Minecraft Server Rules



1. Unfair Advantage:
Users are NOT allowed to use any internal or external modifications to gain an advantage over other players. This includes the following,

Use of "Hacked Clients".

Auto clickers

Unfair mods

Xray texture packs




2. Do not ask for a Staff position, apply! (No begging):
If you wish to become a staff member for AVN please follow our application procedure.

3. Punishment Evasion:
Users are NOT permitted to use alternate accounts to bypass a punishment on AVN. This includes the following,




4. Respect our Staff Team:
Harassing staff members is NOT allowed. If you wish to report a staff member please contact the Owners, SatinCake & Thexology98.

5. Sexist, Racist, or Hateful Terms/Skins/Builds/Usernames:
We do NOT tolerate any form of hateful speech. This includes,



Sexual Orientation



6. Excessive Swearing:
Please keep swearing to a minimum.

7. Advertising:
Users are NOT allowed to advertise content outside AVN. This includes

Other Minecraft Servers


Discord Servers


Social Media

8. Scamming:
We have many methods in place to allow for scam-free trading.

9. Bug/Glitch/Exploit Abuse:
Users are NOT permitted to abuse a loophole on our servers. If you find a bug/glitch/exploit you MUST report it immediately.

10. Command/Chat Spam:
Users are NOT allowed to excessively spam chat or commands.

11. Staff Impersonation:
Users may NOT impersonate our Staff team. This includes,

Changing username/nickname to match a Staff member

Stating that they are capable of punishing a user

Falsifying official server information/procedures under the guise of being staff

Claiming a special role that is not officially given (Content Creator, Media, etc)

Community Helpers claiming to be official Staff

11. Distributed Network Attacks (DDOS) Threats
Users that promote any sort of DDOS threats/attacks will be permanently removed from our network. (Including all users involved)